The Fast Track

Is going foodless a path to health?

by Christie Chisholm, Santa Fe Reporter, September 1, 2010

Part of the Santa Fe Reporter's "Sweat" issue

I’m not sure why I wanted to starve myself.

I like my body, and I take fairly good care of it. Granted, walking my dog is the only exercise I get these days, and the svelte, yogic physique I had once carved for myself has settled back into its natural, softer state, but I’m no body-hater. And, even though most of my meals involve a waiter and the word “smothered,” I don’t gorge myself on anything that comes in a plastic wrapper or a box. So while I’m not the model of antioxidant-charged, gluten-free health, I also don’t feel like a walking pile of trans fats.

Yet while not in dire need of a fast, I found myself wanting to do one anyway in order to recharge, restart and detox. If my hot pants were a little less snug at the end of it—all the better.

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Santa Fe Reporter's 2010 Annual Manual

Jobs and Business

by Christie Chisholm, Santa Fe Reporter, May 11, 2010

Part of the Santa Fe Reporter's 2010 Annual Manual

It’s not as dire as it seems. At least, relatively. Sure, the economy still sucks and getting through the unemployment benefits line (even the one on the phone) can take days. But how about a little perspective? Santa Fe’s unemployment rate, grim as it may be at 7.7 percent, is still better than any other major metropolitan area in the state, and it leaves our neighbors’ capitols (Denver, Phoenix, Dallas) in the dust. And it’s much better than the national average of 10.6 percent. Comparatively, Santa Fe’s job outlook is pretty good. Of course, that’s unless you’re one of that 7.7 percent.

But for those people, there are resources. There are also resources for those who own or want to start a business. Because even though the economy blows harder than a jet engine in a wind tunnel, it seems like there are now more tools than ever aimed at throwing people a rope.

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