Pennysmiths Paper Puts Modern Twist on Tradition

by Christie Chisholm, New Mexico Business Weekly, February 11, 2011

Emily Rembe Benak loves retail. She loves the feel of a well-cared-for store, she loves working with customers to get them exactly what they want and she loves that the nature of her job can change every two minutes.

Most of all, she loves her business, Pennysmiths Paper, which has been in her family since 1979.

Pennysmiths primarily deals in stationery, invitations and other specialty papers. But the store also stocks items that range from the elegant to the delightfully absurd. Kate Spade pencil cases? Check. French bingo sets for children? Check.

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New Mexico Business Weekly's 2011 Women of Influence

by Christie Chisholm, New Mexico Business Weekly, February 2011

Adriann Barboa

Helping women rise to positions of influence both in their lives and their communities is what fuels Adriann Barboa, the director of Young Women United (YWU). Her organization works to create community for young women of color, holding a megaphone up to voices that are too often overlooked or diminished. 

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Shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services proves mailings still have their place

by Christie Chisholm, New Mexico Business Weekly, January 28, 2011

In the age of e-mail, e-newsletters, e-books and a recession, how does a shipping and receiving company not only survive, but grow?

Ask Charlotte Garcia, owner of Shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services (SRFS), an 18-year-old business that’s managed to increase its revenue by 10 to 12 percent annually for the past few years.

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Classes, Funding Help to Nourish Make My Lunch

by Christie Chisholm, New Mexico Business Weekly, January 6, 2011

Callie Tolman was bored.

She was working as an emergency operator at the University of New Mexico Hospital. The job provided her with ample background if she ever decided to write the next big medical drama, but she found herself sitting for long periods of time doing nothing.

Looking for a challenge, two years ago she hatched a business plan. A year ago, she put it into action.

Tolman is the owner and sole employee of Make My Lunch, a do-it-all catering service that also offers meal planning and grocery pickup and delivery. Focusing on local and organic foods when possible, she makes everything from fruit and vegetable platters to ethnic and regional cuisines, such as Italian, Mexican, New Mexican and Asian.

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Strong Foundation Allowed Rock Gap Engineering to Grow

by Christie Chisholm, New Mexico Business Weekly, December 24, 2010

Three years ago, Keith Keetso had no employees, a couple of small jobs lined up and a full-time position as an electrical engineer that he was about to quit to follow his dream.

That dream is already being realized.

Keetso relocated the office earlier this year to make room for a rapidly growing staff, and is already at capacity. Even in the downturn, his business has managed to swell in revenue about 300 percent every year.

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