Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque Restaurants 2011

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by Christie Chisholm, Weekly Alibi, October 6, 2011


Best Huevos Rancheros

The Range Café

Northeast Heights: 4401 Wyoming NE • 293-2633

UNM Area: 2200 Menaul NE • 888-1660

Bernalillo: 925 Camino del Pueblo • 867-1700


The Range serves this New Mexico staple just the way Alibi readers like it—with a blue corn tortilla, white cheddar cheese and enough chile to get you high till New Year’s.

2) Frontier

3) Duran Central Pharmacy


Best Breakfast Burrito

Frontier / Golden Pride BBQ, Chicken & Ribs


2400 Central SE • 266-0550


Golden Pride

Northeast Heights: 3720 Juan Tabo NE • 294-5767

East Central: 10101 Central NE • 293-3531

UNM Area: 1830 Lomas NE • 242-2181

Westside: 5231 Central NW • 836-1544


There’s something about Frontier and Golden Pride’s simple, five-ingredient burrito that inspires serious food lust. Is it the roasted chunks of green chile that wake you up in the middle of the night? The salty, slightly crispy hash browns? Whatever its secret, the Frontier’s got you hooked.

2) Blake's Lotaburger

3) Tie: Dos Hermanos, Flying Star Café, Twisters


Best Healthy Breakfast

The Grove Café and Market

600 Central SE • 248-9800


Poached eggs with asparagus, housemade granola and organic yogurt, or a steamy bowl of oatmeal. When you want to eat right and do it with flourish, there’s no better breakfast than The Grove’s.

2) Flying Star Café

3) Tie: Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café, The Range Café


Best Brunch

Tie: The Grove Café and Market, Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

The Grove

See Best Healthy Breakfast for contact information.


3009 Central NE • 254-ZINC (9462)


You can’t choose between the sunlight-soaked stainless steel at The Grove and the cozy, amber woods at Zinc. What makes these two eateries so special is not only their phenomenal food, but the way they make you feel when you step inside.

2) Slate Street Café

3) Weck's


Best Hash Browns


See Best Breakfast Burrito for contact information.

They’re good for a late-night snack or an early-morning meal. Frontier’s hash browns hit just the right spot. You know the one.

2) Slate Street Café

3) Weck's


Best Pasta


3118 Central SE • 268-5965

You want it al dente. You want it fresh. You want it in the belly of Nob Hill, where the view out the window provides some of the best people-watching in town. That’s why you vote for Vivace every year.

2) Scalo Northern Italian Grill

3) Trombino's Bistro Italiano


Best Tempura

Shogun Sushi

See Best Sushi for contact information.

Our readers have spoken: Carrots, potatoes and zucchini never tasted so damn amazing. Thinly sliced and encased in the most delicately sweet layer of crispy tempura, these veggies may lure you away from the other goodies on the menu.

2) Japanese Kitchen Steakhouse

3) Light and Healthy Mirai Express


Best Curry

Taj Mahal

See Around the World: Best Indian for contact information.

You can get your curry about a million different ways here—there’s Kashmiri style, or with shrimp, or sautéed with potatoes and searing chilies. Whatever dietary direction our readers are pointed in, Taj Mahal curries favor.

2) Siam Café

3) Tie: India Palace, Orchid Thai 


Best New Mexican Restaurant


North Valley: 6230 Fourth Street NW • 345-5339

Northeast Heights: 15 Hotel Circle NE • 296-6940


Sadie’s has held court as the queen of this category for three years running. But most impressive is that over the decades, it’s gone from a humble roadside burger stand to a bowling alley café; built up a palatial dining compound and a packaged salsa empire; and most recently adopted a sister restaurant in the Heights. That’s some serious New Mexican know-how.

2) Los Cuates

3) Tie: El Patio, El Pinto


Best Sopaipillas

Tie: Los Cuates, Sadie's

Los Cuates

Midtown: 4901 Lomas NE • 255-5079

Uptown: 8700 Menaul NE • 237-2800



See Best New Mexican Restaurant for contact information.

Doughy, but not gummy. Flaky on the outside, but never dry. Sweet, but not so sweet that you can’t use it to scoop up extra bits of enchilada. A sopaipilla made just right is a sacred thing, and our readers pray at the alters of Los Cuates and Sadie’s.

2) Garduño's

3) El Pinto


Best Chips and Salsa


See Best New Mexican Restaurant for contact information.

Lots of people think Sadie’s salsa is the hottest in the state. Go ahead, be a skeptic. But when you swirl that light and crispy tortilla chip around in a pool of tomatoes and jalapeño seeds and bring it to your tongue, you’ll experience the agony and the ecstasy that myths are made of.

2) Los Cuates

3) El Pinto


Best Comfort Food

Frontier / Golden Pride BBQ, Chicken & Ribs

See A.M.: Best Breakfast Burrito for contact information.

You know why they call it comfort food? Because it makes you feel good in your soul. We think it’s probably the green chile, but it could also be the tortillas, the sugar-drenched cinnamon buns or the fresh-squeezed orange juice, which somehow manages to always be the sweetest in the city.

2) Tie: The Cube, The Range Café

3) Tie: Flying Star Café, Slate Street Café


Best Buffet

Taj Mahal

See Around the World: Best Indian for contact information.

It’s like getting designer food at outlet prices. Taj Mahal’s lunch buffet never skimps on quality—serving you the same saag paneer and tandoori chicken you’ve come to depend on at dinnertime. 

2) Rasoi: An Indian Kitchen

3) Tucanos


Best Desserts

Flying Star Café

See A.M.: Best French Toast for contact information.

An apple turnover that will make the world feel right again. A carrot cake you’ll actually like, maybe even love. A chocolate mousse cake that will satisfy all your urges. And it’s open late.

2) Cravin' Cookies ... and More!

3) Olo Yogurt Studio


Best Chocolates

Chocolate Cartel

315 Juan Tabo • 797-1193


Raspberry and rose truffles? A Chimayó red chile bar? A chocolate cup filled with caramel and covered in ground almonds and milk chocolate? When you want artisan cocoa made with creativity, you sate your sweet tooth with Chocolate Cartel.

2) The Candy Lady

3) Tie: Buffett’s Candies, Theobroma 


Best Cupcakes


3400 Constitution NE • 266-1115


Forty-five flavors from pink Champagne to classic Boston cream. Cupcakeology balances flavor, density and texture for palm-sized treats that turn heads and taste like a dream.

2) The Grove Café and Market

3) Tie: Cake Fetish, Gold Rush Cupcakes


Best Date Night

Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

See A.M.: Best Brunch for contact information.

Practically everything about Zinc whispers romance. The extensive wine list, the dark and sultry ambience, the five-star food. If you want to get to know someone better, or reacquaint yourself with someone you love, Zinc sets the mood.

2) Artichoke Café and Wine Bar

3) Seasons Rotisserie & Grill