Tony Lynn's Caring Paws Doggie Day Care

by Christie Chisholm, East Mountain Living Magazine, Winter 2010

Tony and Cherie Lynn are dog people. That’s why they opened Tony Lynn’s Caring Paws Doggie Day Care a little over a year ago, and it’s why the East Mountain residents started fostering strays this summer. 

The Lynns became aware of the severity of the homeless animal population after moving here in 1997. “Living in the mountains, some are just dropped on your doorstep,” says Tony. Sometimes, those dogs would just end up staying with them.

The two began working with the Animal Humane Association of New Mexico as a foster family. Now that they own a doggie daycare, they can take on a larger number of dogs, who can socialize with others during the day and then stay in the business’ boarding kennels at night. Other dog owners who take their pets to the daycare get to know the fostered animals, and that’s how some of them get adopted. So far the Lynns have only fostered three dogs through their business, but as they get on their feet, they anticipate a lot more.

Tony thinks one of the main reasons people abandon their pets is because they can no longer afford to feed them. To try to combat that reality, the Lynns have started a dog food pantry, in which people can drop off donated dog food that is distributed through the Storehouse. 

If you want to donate dog food, or if you’re interested in finding out more, contact the Lynns at Caring Paws, 2519 Madison NE, 505.883-PAWS (7297),